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Would you like to learn how to boost your metabolism and lose 1 stone in just 6 weeks? To find out more, see the following results:


AfN Certified Nutrition Course

Do you want to learn about nutrition and see beyond the various fad diets? Now you can learn the real facts about nurtition through our AfN Certified and CPD Accredited Nutrition course.

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2 stn in 3 months


Medical doctor, seeks out Diet Specialist to achieve his weight loss goals.

Expert lost 2 stn


Consultant from UK's largest slimming company, Julie loses 2 stn.

How I lost 3.5 stn


Parminder explains how increasing her metabolism helped her lose 3.5 stn.


How I lost 3 stn


Yvonne explains how she lost 3 stn, despite regularly commuting to Canada.


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Tesco Partnership

Diet Specialist is in partnership with Tesco to deliver the Nutrition Education Shopping tour. Book a tour to learn about nutrition with a registered dietitian to learn everything about food, covering food groups, food labels,  health claims all tailored to your needs. [Click here for more]

News and Events


National Grid scheme

Diet Specialist has completed a successful scheme with National Grid helping a large team of employees lose between 1-2 stones each in just 6 weeks. This was a pioneering scheme and Diet Specialist is now working with the National Grid offices across the UK.

Carillion Clinic

As one of the largest employers in the Midlands, Diet Specialist is proud to have a clinic held at the head office of this plc. With clients from as far away as Canada, we are continuing to help people lose weight, get healthy and productive and to build muscle 


Serco Program

Diet Specialist has completed a successful Occupational Health training programme with the outsourcing specialist Serco. The FTSE listed company used the expertise of Diet Specialist to training a team of their experienced nurses who work across large companies.

NPower Clinic

Over 70 employees signing up with Diet Specialist at the NPower offices  we are continuing, helping employees address a range of dietary concerns. Diet Specialist is pleased to be able to help these employees meet their dietary goals. 

PCOS and Endometriosis

Diet Specialist continues to help Endometriosis and Polycystic ovary syndrome sufferers (PCOS) by providing effective healthy eating plans. This helps reduce unpleasant symptoms, improve fertility, regulate monthly cycles and reduce mood swings.

PwC Clinic

Over the last year, Diet Specialist has seen over 150 employees in its private clinic at the Birmingham PwC office. As the largest accountancy office in the UK outside of London, employees as senior as partners and directors, have benefited from the advice given by our registered dietitian.

Abu Dhabi clinic

Diet Specialist is delighted to announce the opening of a new clinic at the Lotus Holistic Centre in Abu Dhabi. Diet Specialist has developed a large following in the Middle East with over 20,000 followers on our Arabic account We look forward to helping clients in Abu Dhabi and across the world achieve their dietary goals.